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IoT in Schools

What does IoT mean?
IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is any network of devices connected to the internet to exchange information with one another, collect data, or controlling processes.
What is the role of IoT?

IoT helps you with greater control over environments and processes. It offers customization and automation options that simply aren’t available when devices aren’t interconnected.

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices connect to the internet and transmit data. It includes smart building technology, such as smart lighting, locks, thermostats, speakers, doorbells and more. Once they are installed, they can be connected and controlled centrally using a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

What Is IoT In Education?

IoT in education simply means using smart building IoT solutions in educational environments, such as school buildings, classrooms, buses, and more.

GPS in School Bus

With our GPS tracking system, you can gain

  • Visibility
  • Safety
  • Routing
  • Maintenance
  • Control Into The Location
  • Status Of Your Students, Wards and School Buses
  • We offer wireless and unique comprehensive solution for managing the daily school bus operation
  • This will link your school, the parents, and the buses into one single powerful system
  • We offer fleet management for school buses including GPS tracking, engine diagnostic, and driver behavior, integrated for student monitoring, resulting in the most integrated student location tracking system on the market
  • One complete solution easily integrates with other applications and enterprise systems.
Advanced System for Student Monitoring

An advanced system integrated with fleet management allows for the immediate log of each student to increase visibility.

Routing Management

You can get a clear status of every bus including scheduled route, expected ETA, realtime ETA, delays, direction, and average speed.

Parent Portal

Dedicated ParentLink App enables parents to see real-time bus locations, where and when the student boards the bus, and receive constant alerts. Parent portal app is available on both iOS & Android reduces.

Smart School Bus Monitoring System

With this platform, you have a real-time view of every angle of your fleet activity including current status, last & historical location, actual speed vs speed limits, driver behavior, engine diagnostics & real-time cameras

No more manual roll calling in schools. The concept of the use of RFID Attendance System for School Students With SMS is gradually gaining momentum in city schools. You can track student attendance using a simple smart card. This is an automatic student attendance system offering a complete student attendance monitoring solution.

Step 1: RFID tag will be attached to the student’s ID card
Step 2: When the student enters the school RFID card gets punched at the entrance. The tag will be detected
Step 3: It will send a notification to the parents through SMS and Android App. The same time system will store the information for the reporting purpose
Step 4: While leaving the school premises, the student will get RFID card punched once again and notification will be sent to parents one more time.

  • We automatically generate various reports to accurately monitor each student's attendance
  • Since it is an entirely cloud-based student attendance system, all you have to do is switch in on
  • This system automatically provides more accurate identification
  • It is very Quick and Rapid
  • It is less tedious, cost-efficient, easy to use
  • We can precisely screen regularity of students, teacher and working staff and counteract proxy marking and error

Water tank Management

Automatic Water Level Monitoring And Controlling System

Our water Tank Monitoring System is web-based Monitoring and Control System for the water level of tanks and motor. This wireless system can be deployed in residential societies, government buildings, and even schools to help in the Automatic Water Tank level monitoring system. According to a study, we waste around 25% of the water because of the tank overflow. To remove this problem, we have come up with Anti-overflow measures for the water tank.

With this system, we can be more conscious of the energy that we use. Regulating water levels can consume electricity and wastewater. With automatic controllers, electricity usage is limited as well as less water needed to regulate supply.

This system helps save money by limiting the waste of water and electricity by accurately regulating how much energy is used to protect against any unnecessary water/electricity usage. If you look back over time, the money saved is quite substantial.

These devices are that they regulate on their own. We can eliminate manual operations with a timer switch. Water levels can be maintained at the appropriate levels through the automatic operations of these devices.

Our water level controller can maximize the water usage provided during midday while automatically lessening the water usage at night. This will ensure an appropriate level of water at all times be maintained while providing you with the maximum use of your water at the appropriate times.

  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Sends an alert to let you know water is too high or too low
  • Compact design
  • Automatically adjusts water levels
  • Saves money by using less electricity and water
  • Prevents overflow of water and saves infrastructure
  • Saves manual labor time
  • Uses little energy for functioning
  • Sends alerts in case of anomaly detection

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