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School Management Modules

More and more tasks are being automated in every industry to save time. The education sector is no different. Schools have woken up to the need of the hour. Here is Cloud Integration and Automation to your rescue. This will help educators like you with more time to spend helping students instead of mundane tasks. Cloud Integration and automation optimizes your time and focuses on accomplishing academic goals by cutting down manual processes.

We have an array of interesting modules to automate different operational activities of your school. We know what you are thinking.

But what about
  • Attendance Management?
  • Teachers Management?
  • Performance Management?
  • Fees Management?
  • Library Management?
Do not worry! We got everything covered with our School ERP software.

School ERP takes complete care of different operations for your school. The Scope is wide here. Starting from human resource management, budgeting, security to anything, we can get it customized for your School ERP. Our school management system (SIS) and information modules are user friendly and efficient in increasing your productivity.

Surprise! There are no limitations at all. Our well-designed software is applicable for every school management starting from elementary to higher education. They are uniquely designed to cater to your school’s intricate and dynamic operations. By investing a little today in this software, your ROI is going to be multifold in terms of time and efficiency.

A management information system (MIS) is a database/software used for decision-making, and the coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information in an organization.

The goal here is simple. It is to increase value and aid the efficiency of your school’s process and operations. Our tool will ultimately help you achieve the goals of your school by saving time and helping you derive reports from digital records.

Yes, you do. Irrespective of your school’s size and duration of existence, you need us to stay ahead in your curriculum competition. With COVID-19, every industry is transforming to sustain in the game and the education sector is no different. Our tool will not only help you in saving time and cutting down the cost of manual operation but also opens your school to the new era of education and academics.

Look at what we have to offer you!

Our cloud-based tool helps schools to digitally store students’ information and manage attendance. Attendance Management System helps in daily student attendance which is a tedious task for your teachers. With this system in place, evaluation attendance, setting eligibility criteria, and tracking them will be much quicker and easier.

Automating the processing of attendance enhances the speed of the attendance task easily. Not just that, it also generates periodic reports to keep on your ‘Regular’ and ‘Not so regular’ students. The process is very easy and efficient. Your faculty/staff has to login to the system, select the attendance option, then select the required standard and section. The list of the students will be displayed and now attendance can be marked/tracked. All the necessary information will be preloaded into the system

Our cloud-based teacher portal helps teachers to build fellowship with parents virtually. This can be linked to your online school ERP. This serves as a communication portal between teachers and parents using SMS and notification. Teachers can access student information, faculty, and staff directory, among others. Teachers without meeting them in person can directly send remarks, assignments, and any other important piece of information to parents. In this way, communication is much faster, efficient, and hassle-free.

Our performance management module helps your school manage exams & results digitally. It also enables you to generate beautiful report cards with just a single click. These digital report cards can be viewed by the parents through mobile which helps them cut short their visit to the school. But the best part is it allows the school, teacher, principal, and parent to generate a detailed analysis of their student/ward. This can help them in determining the key performance areas and devise a calculative strategy for improvement. And you'll no longer have to depend on any third-party vendor to print a report card and also fret about losing data.

Our fees management module helps your school in collecting fees through a predesigned online process and maintaining a proper database of every transaction for later reference. By directory linking it with financial accounting, we enable your school to keep a vigilant track of its funds. To help parents, regular notifications in terms of due fees, late payment, etc. Parents no longer need to visit the school physically and this prevents the chance of late fee penalties which may be levied on. Keeps a check on defaulters of unpaid school fees. It also helps your school to reconcile the revenue generated whether it is on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis in an academic year.

Our Library management module helps in effectively managing your school’s hundreds of books, videos, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and albums. But in a virtual library with an automated process. This helps in creating an organized database. Teachers and students can easily check whether a particular book is available or not by going through the database. All they have to do is just mention either the name of the book or the author's name. This will also prevent any unnecessary delay while issuing a book and tracking its location.

Grab our cloud-based dynamic tool now and help your school scale up highlights!

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